Welcome to ICTI!

International Centre for Technological Innovations (ICTI) is a not-for-profit Open Innovation Centre. The Centre makes technological innovations commercially successful for the benefit of nation building, through capacity enhancement, new product development, technology transfer initiatives and enterprise building to create opportunities for inclusive growth, generate jobs and poverty reduction.


Undergraduate Student Research Programme (USRP)

USRP aims to encourage undergraduate students to work on socially relevant problems for their curriculum projects, and try to find sustainable solutions …Read more

Work Integrated Learning Programmes (WILPs)

WILPs provide students with the opportunity to gain industrial work experience and enhance their skills as a part of their academic programme …Read more

Research Scholars Programme

The Programme is designed to provide research training opportunities for highly talented post-bachelor candidates preparing for Masters and PhD programmes …Read more


Philanthropic support, from organizations and individuals, is vital to nurture innovation capabilities and skills of youth. Donations help in research and transferring technologies to build enterprises, generate jobs, inclusive growth and poverty reduction. Donations are tax deductible since ICTI is non-profit organization.


Industrial Sponsorships provide companies access to external source of commercially viable intellectual properties. Sponsorships help companies reduce R&D expenses and risks through consortium research model by building collaborative partnerships for technology development, commercialization and sharing rewards.

Sponsorship Plans

ICTI offers joint scholarships to students of associating higher educational institutions for undertaking skill development training and gaining valuable international exposure through global innovation programmes overseas. Educational Institutions may contact ICTI to offer joint scholarships to their students.

Joint Scholarships

Innovation Knowledge Network (IKN)

ICTI Innovation Knowledge Network (IKN) provides researchers an innovation ecosystem integrating higher educational institutions, research organizations and industry. It aims to promote the creativity of faculty and students. IKN acts as a platform for engaging ICTI with higher educational institutions to enhance research and technological innovations …Read more

Technology Transfer & Enterprise Building

The Centre offers companies an external source of commercially viable technologies and know-how. ICTI’s initiatives demonstrate innovative business opportunities and transfer technologies to SMEs, Self Help Groups, Farmers’ Interest Groups and Entrepreneurs along with assistance in finding vital funding opportunities for early-stage companies …Read more