ICTI builds, promotes and nurtures Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) by way of extending required financial & non-financial support during the nascent/ formative stage. As Producer Organization Promoting Institution ICTI creates awareness, builds capacity, provides FPOs technical support, professional management, market access, etc. hand-holding FPOs for a minimum period of initial 3-5 years

ICTI collectivizes small and marginal farmers into Farmer Producer Companies owned by the farmers as shareholders and helps them establish facilities for storage, grading, food processing and value addition, packing and marketing infrastructure. This is an effective way of enhancing income of small and marginal farmers, reducing wastage of food, stimulating rural development and addressing food security. Farmers generally lack knowledge and techniques that would help them in establishing and operating Farmer Producer Companies. Hence it is crucial to support Farmer Producer Companies in terms of capacity building, technical support, professional management, funding, infrastructure like office, storage, processing, packing, marketing and hand holding support for a period of 3-5 years before the Farmer Producer Companies attain organizational, financial and commercial sustainability.

Training and Awarness Programmes
Through Rural Open Innovation Network, ICTI jointly with NABARD is creating awareness about Farmer Producer Companies. Being a Producer Organization Promotion Institute approved under PRODUCE Scheme of NABARD and Ministry of Agriculture, incubation support is offered to early stage Producer Companies. Training is offered in mobilizing Farmers, developing CEOs and Board of Directors of the Companies.
Seed Fund
ICTI has been working with early stage farmer producer organisations (FPOs) to transform them into sustainable institutions. ICTI promotes FarmerTree as a branded aggregator of agri-food producers and marketers with the aim of standardization of quality, licenses, price, safety, hygiene, packing, customer service. Grant support is provided to Farmer Groups for mobilizing farmers, capacity building and promotion.



You can volunteer to provide technical and management support. Click Here for details of India Volunteering Programme and current vacancies.


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Buy from our Farmers

Shop online at farmertree.com to buy from farmer producer organisations. FarmerTree lets you order food direct from producers for delivery to your doorstep - providing fair price to farmers and customers.


We seek support of corporate partners as part of Corporate Social Responsibility. Companies may give in various ways - cause related marketing, sponsorship, payroll giving, gifts in kind, donating equipment, etc.


Philanthropic individuals and companies may kindly donate to fund the costs of training-awareness programmes and provide seed fund to farmer producer organisations. Donations are tax deductible u/s 80G in India.