Indovator initiative of the International Centre for Technological Innovations (ICTI) aims to nurture and promote innovators working on projects to solve India’s sustainable development challenges. We bring together an ecosystem and matching fund that can provide innovators the support they need for piloting, testing and scaling-up their innovation.

India is booming and sustainable development is becoming increasingly more important. We need development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. We believe that the best ideas for solving India's challenges for sustainable development can come from anyone, anywhere. Indovator Awards support a range of innovations including technologies, new business models and services - any solution that has potential to address India’s development problem more sustainably than existing approaches.

The Indovator Awards is a unique people’s choice awards programme launched by the International Centre for Technological Innovations. Indovator a first-of-its-kind online initiative where people choose the awardees by supporting them with crowdfunding. It empowers people to choose innovations that can create impact in their lives, and to review innovators solving India's challenges for sustainable development. For more information check Indovator website



You can volunteer to provide technical and management support. Click Here for details of India Volunteering Programme and current vacancies.


Do you have an innovative technology or product? Kindly get in touch if you would like to find out opportunities for piloting or commercially implementing your solution.


We seek support of corporate partners as part of Corporate Social Responsibility. Companies may give in various ways - cause related marketing, sponsorship, payroll giving, gifts in kind, donating equipment, etc.


Philanthropic individuals and companies may kindly donate to fund the costs of Indovator Awards and provide matching grants to innovators. Donations are tax deductible u/s 80G in India.