BInternational Centre for Technological Innovations works on development projects to address environmental issues in Kuttanad region of Kerala state in India. Kuttanad, having a population of about 350,000 people, is known for its vast paddy fields and geographical peculiarities. The region has lowest altitude in India, and is one of the few places in the world where farming is carried around 4-10 feet below sea level. FAO has declared Kuttanad farming system as globally important agricultural heritage system.

Being low lying region, Kuttanad is prone to numerous environmental challenges that are caused due to flooding, usage of pesticides and fertilizers for agriculture, poor sanitation systems and dumping of sewage and waste into rivers and lakes. Kuttanad has the highest incidence of cancer in Kerala. Majority of the population of Kuttanad are small and marginal farmers. Due to low profit margins, there is growing pressure on farmers to increase productivity. This has resulted in special concerns about health and safety of consumers, and environmental impacts due to unsustainable practices of agriculture including usage of highly toxic pesticides and fertilizers.

Community Drinking Water
waterAccess to clean water should be a basic human right. Yet, many of the residents in Kuttanad lack access to safe drinking water. The water scarcity increases each year due to the downstream geography, polluting groundwater with agricultural runoff, human waste, and salt-water intrusion. ICTI sets up community level drinking water vending machines that are promoted through local entrepreneurs. The machines are operated using prepaid water cards. We make clean water for the masses a self-sustaining business proposition, and support local entrepreneurs and women self help groups in implementing the water vending machines by providing seed fund.
Bio-Digester Toilets
BiotoiletsA simple, low-cost biodigester technology for treating human waste – developed by DRDO – can aid in ending contamination of rivers, canals and lakes due improper toilets and swewage disposal system in Kuttanad. The biodigester is excellent low cost alternative of the conventional septic tanks being currently used by individual houses and communities. It is long-lasting, require little space, generate environment-friendly safe effluent and does not require any maintenance. ICTI is promoting biodigester technology by providing seed fund to local entrepreneurs in sanitation sector.



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